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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

May 2016



Santa Clara University
MAY 2016  
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May 11  |  5 p.m.  |  St. Clare Room, Learning Commons

Enjoy perspectives from Hersh Shefrin, SCU professor of finance and author of Behavioral Risk Management, and Ann Tenbrunsel, professor of business ethics, University of Notre Dame. Tenbrunsel is also an author of Blind Spots: Why We Fail to Do What’s Right and What to Do About It. They will address what business professionals should know about human nature in order to succeed.

Presented by the Business Ethics Partnership
Reception/light refreshments provided


Day of Giving Raises $34K
The Ethics Center enjoyed an unprecedented response to our one-day "All in for SCU" challenge on April 6, with $34,510 raised from 71 individual gifts. These contributions will help us promote ethical decision making in all aspects of business, health care, government, internet, education, leadership, journalism, and nonprofits. Your generous donations also help support our programs. Thank you to everyone who gave to the Ethics Center. Together, we're helping people worldwide embrace ethics in their everyday lives.

A Tale of Two Bots
What did one chatbot say to the other? Irina Raicu, Center director of Internet Ethics, blogs about Microsoft's recent release of a chatbot named Tay, designed to emulate the reactions of a teenage girl during online chats. The bot had to be taken offline when it was corrupted intentionally. Tay's offensive language became a PR disaster and a symbol of unethical online dialogues. By contrast, a kinder chatbot, China's Xiaoice, is used by 40 million people online.
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Glenn Loury Speaks on Racial Inequality

Glenn Loury presented the annual Regan Lecture, "Racial Inequality in the 21st Century," last month. Loury, professor of economics at Brown University, touched on a variety of themes including wrongful incarceration, economic inequality, and racial segregation. "Dr. King's dream of equality has yet to be realized," he said.
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What "Gattaca" Taught My 6th Grader About Ethics

Technology has paved the way for higher reasoning for the next generation, says Ann Skeet in her first post for SCU's thought leadership blog, Illuminate. Skeet, director of Leadership Ethics, learns an unexpected lesson from watching "Gattaca" with a class of 6th graders: They are not only ready to reason ethicallly, but are also already learning the critical thinking skills they'll need for life. 
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Register for our Online Courses 

It's not too late to register for the Ethics Center's three MOOCs. Business Ethics for the Real World explores the nature of ethics, its role in a business career, and how to make practical ethical decisions. Creating an Ethical Corporate Culture provides executives, managers, and supervisors the knowledge and tools to create and sustain an ethical culture in their company, department, or work group. Both courses run Feb. 8 - June 16, 2016, and are taught by
Ethics Center Executive Director Kirk Hanson.

How to Run an Ethical Campaign and Win is a two-hour, self-paced course perfect for candidates, campaign managers, political consultants, and campaign volunteers. It includes guest speakers who are leading influencers in local and national government, and is led by Hana Callaghan, Ethics Center director of Government Ethics. The course runs Feb. 15 - June 17, 2016.
More Info and Register: Business Ethics MOOCS
More Info and Register: Campaign Ethics MOOCS

A Reflection on Father-Son Relationships

In "Dr. Jerome," a moving piece published in the spring issue of Santa Clara Magazine, David DeCosse, director of Campus Ethics, reflects on his complex relationship with his father. Readers are treated to "lessons in golf and swimming, fear and love, doing and dying."
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Upcoming Events

Building Character in a Selfie Generation

Michele Borba, internationally renowned educator, bullying expert, and bestselling author, explores why empathy is key to real success, happiness, and resilience, and offers proven ways to nurture it in kids. Borba’s new framework for nurturing empathy from her latest book, Unselfie, is a call to action to transform the way we parent.

  Microcephaly and Zika Virus:
Public Health and Ethical Implications

The World Health Organization declared on Feb. 1, 2016, that the Zika virus is a public health emergency of national concern. This panel discussion about the virus features Kat Saxton and Laura Chyu from SCU's public health department, and Margaret McLean, Ethics Center associate director. This panel is offered in conjunction with the DeNardo Lecture.

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Knocking on Heaven's Door

Katy Butler, journalist and author, will discuss her New York Times bestseller Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Butler exposes the difficult moral choices faced when the inevitable reality of death meets the technological advances of 21st century health care.

Technology and the Virtues:
How to Build a Future Worth Wanting

Shannon Vallor, chair of SCU’s philosophy department and president of the international Society for Philosophy and Technology (SPT), discusses the moral skills and virtues we will need in order to wisely manage the risks and opportunities presented by today’s emerging technologies.

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