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Santa Clara University's Silicon Valley Executive Center is offering a six, half day series of venture immersion and investment skill building workshops designed to help Angels, high net-worth individuals, corporate executives, and members of family offices architect their startup investment portfolios.

Angel investing continues to expand globally and remains the primary initial source of capital for startups. In 2018 in the United States alone, more than 330,000 Angels invested $23B in 66,000 startups. But how much of this is smart investing?

Modern Investment Theory suggests that achieving extraordinary returns while cushioning downside risk requires a disciplined portfolio approach. Rather than take a strategic view, many high net-worth individuals and family offices dabble in random, early-stage startup investments, which is an approach they never would take with traditional asset classes like equities and real estate. They often invest without defining investment theses, performing risk and return analyses, or taking a rigorous approach in determining valuation and deal terms.

In contrast, in seeking supernormal returns, professional Angels treat early-stage investing as building a portfolio. Building such a portfolio has its own best practices in company selection, diligence, financial analysis, and overall risk analysis.

The primary returns to Angel and VC portfolios come from only 10% of their deals. As a result, startup investing is a game of finding outliers and managing diverse sources of risk—deal term risks, valuation and capital risks, market risks, management risks, technology risks, and exit risks—across a company’s journey from formation through M&A or IPO.

Program Faculty

William T. Cleary Professor of Marketing

Albert Bruno


Patrick Guerra

Chairman, Software Industry Group at Band of Angels

Ronald Weissman


If you are...

An Angel Investor

Old man in suit sitting in front of laptop

If you are looking to deepen your working knowledge of venture investing, this program can help you develop proficiency in generating and evaluating high-quality deal flow, determining valuations, negotiating term sheets, leading the venture round, and board participation.  

A Corporate Manager

Two men in front of a white board

If you are an Executive who builds strategic alliances, makes acquisition or early stage investment decisions for your company, this program can give you insights and tools to evaluate startups, pick the winners and determine their strategic fit for your company.

An Entrepreneur

Black man in suit on the phone

If you are an entrepreneur seeking to understand how to architect your venture for success in progressive rounds of financing, this program is for you.  Learn how to tune your investor presentations to what investors find essential for each funding round.

Join us to learn how to apply the best practices used by angel and venture capital pros to select and manage your startup investment portfolio.
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Program Agenda

Registration Information

Join us to learn how to apply the best practices used by angel and venture capital pros to select and manage your startup investment portfolio. Best practices culled personal, startup venture experience and startup venture investing as venture capitalists, angels, and limited partners.


  1. Program Dates: November 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20

  2. Program Fee: $ 4500 (after Oct. 14)

  3. Early Bird Fee: $ 4125 (on or before Oct. 14)
  4. SCU Alumni Fee: $ 3600
  5. Full payment is due at the time of registration and at least two weeks before the start of the program. Payment can be made via credit card (Amex, Visa, Mastercard) or via Company Check payable to the Silicon Valley Executive Center.