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Committee on Lecturers and Adjuncts (COLA)

The Committee on Lecturers and Adjuncts (COLA) is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate. COLA serves as both a voice and an advocate for lecturers and adjuncts, supporting them in areas of faculty development, hiring, job stability and promotion, and better integration into shared governance. Lecturers of all ranks make up roughly 50 percent of the faculty and teach over 50 percent of the courses at SCU.

COLA was charged as an ad hoc committee of the Faculty Senate in Spring 2013 and made a standing committee of the Faculty Senate by vote of the Faculty Senate Council in May 2016. COLA consists of seven to nine faculty members, most of them senior lecturers, renewable term lecturers, and/or academic year adjunct lecturers. The Faculty Senate President appoints members, in consultation with the current chair of COLA and one other member of COLA.

Meetings are held monthly throughout the academic year, though meeting times vary by quarter based on availability of COLA members. University-wide "safe space" gatherings of lecturers are held once or twice a year.

Lecturers with concerns or questions can contact COLA at any time:

Visit the composition of the SCU faculty by appointment and tenure status for more information.


  • Barbara Kelley, Communication (Chair)
  • Brian Buckley, Philosophy
  • Laura Doyle, Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engieering
  • Matt Frise, Philosophy
  • Dawn Hart, Biology
  • Jes Kuczenski, General Engineering
  • Margaret McLean, Religious Studies
  • Sandy Piderit, Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Patrician Simone, Psychology (ex officio)
  • Marilyn Edelstein, English (ex officio)

Upcoming Meetings