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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Once you have received your financial aid, you must continue to progress in your studies in order to maintain those awards. To remain eligible for Title IV programs, students must be making satisfactory academic progress in accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulations.

If you do not make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree, you could lose your federal, state and University financial aid.

Qualitative Standard

Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

NOTE: Some Santa Clara University aid programs require a higher cumulative grade point average than the federal minimum.

Quantitative Standard

Students must maintain a cumulative seventy-five percent completion rate for all units attempted toward their academic programs.

Students must complete the requirements for their academic programs within one-hundred fifty percent of the minimum units required to complete their academic programs. Units attempted include all units transferred into Santa Clara University from prior institutions that can be used to satisfy students' academic program requirements. Students who have reached their maximum attempted units allowed are ineligible for additional financial aid.


Students enrolled at Santa Clara University are evaluated for satisfactory academic progress at the end of each quarter, after the Office of the Registrar has released official grades.

Appeal Process

There may be extenuating circumstances encountered by a student that may affect his/her ability to be academically successful during an enrollment period. If you wish to appeal your financial aid suspension a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office.

NOTE: Graduate students will need to contact their graduate school regarding conditions for satisfactory academic progress.