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Thank You to the 2013 Reunion Classes!

Thank you to the generous donors who supported Santa Clara this year with a gift in honor of their reunion. Reunion giving supports current students and sustains the Santa Clara Fund, which provides assistance through scholarships; academic programs, such as research and hands-on learning opportunities; international study abroad and immersion trips; and student initiatives for on-campus organizations to develop new programs.

By supporting the Santa Clara Fund, you're making it possible for current students to have the same experiences you did as an undergraduate!

Here are the final results for the 2013 Reunion Campaigns:

2013 Reunion Gift Totals

2013 Reunion Gift Parcticipation


The class totals above reflect gifts between January 1 and December 31, 2013.

2013 Reunion Campaigns

Thank you to the 2,535 alumni who supported the University in honor of their reunion in 2013.  Every gift makes a difference and helps our students enjoy the same amazing SCU experience that you did.  If you have questions about these results, please contact the appropriate Reunion Class Giving Officer below.

2013/2008 – Katherine Nicholson

2003/1983 – Jen Stirling

1998/1978 – Jenna Kovacic

1993/1988/1968 – Natasha Pedroza

1973/1963 – Trevor Hansen