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Donor Recognition

Help SCU recognize the support of our friends and donors.

Founders Society

The Founders Society is Santa Clara University’s most distinguished fellowship. Its members are individuals and organizations that are examples to the entire Santa Clara family.

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President's Club

The President's Club honors our alumni, parents and friends who demonstrate their commitment to Santa Clara University by contributing a total of $1,000 or more annually.

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Loyal Bronco Program

Santa Clara University is excited to debut the new Loyal Bronco program, which recognizes Santa Clara's most loyal supporters!

Learn more about the Loyal BRONCO program

Thomas I. Bergin Society

The Thomas I. Bergin Legacy Society honors and thanks those alumni, friends, parents, faculty, and staff who have either made a provision or have stated to the University that they intend to make a provision for Santa Clara University in their estate plans.

Learn more about the Bergin Society