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Loyal BRONCO Program

Santa Clara University's Loyal Bronco program recognizes Santa Clara's most loyal supporters! The program features a tiered system of recognition, where members access additional opportunities based on their years of consecutive giving, such as special benefits at Grand Reunion and invitations to exclusive events.

Who is a Loyal Bronco?
  • A donor who has given any amount for two or more consecutive fiscal years.
  • Any alumni who has attended two or more Alumni Events in an academic year, and/or served on a University-sponsored volunteer board and attended Alumni Event.
Loyal Broncos Receive:
  • Access to additional experiences, benefits and events based on their years of consecutive giving, such as exclusive event invitations and special benefits at Grand Reunion.
  • Annual recognition from the University for their dedication.




Loyal Broncos Downloadable Calendars 

To thank you for your loyalty to Santa Clara University, please enjoy these downloadable calendars for your desktop or tablet background. 



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