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SCU Student Call Center

The Santa Clara Student Call Center operates under the Development Office, reaching out to alumni, parents and friends of the University and sharing in the past and current Santa Clara experience.

We call on behalf of the Santa Clara Fund raising money for scholarships, student initiatives, academic programs, and global education. Continued support to the Santa Clara Fund gives students the best possible education.


Leiska V. – Economics
Charlotte V.– Sociology
Olivia B. – Philosophy
Priyanka C. – Public Health
Aaron P. – Biology
Andrew C. – Finance

Student Callers

Melissa M. – Communications
Megan C. – Psychobiology
Kelley F. – Political Science
Logan B. – Economics
Bailey M. – English and Political Science
Sommer B. – Communications
Lauren C. – Environmental Studies and Political Science
Adrienne A. – Communications
Claire H. – Political Science
Nicole H. – Communications and Political Science
Calire D. – Religious Studies
Greg W. – Biochemistry

Chad C. – Finance
Samantha P. – Business and Dance
Lauren H. – Economics
Sam K. – Environmental Science and Spanish
Chase S. – English
Ariana S. – Psychobiology
Sophia L. – Biology
Ashley G. – Business
Brooke S. – Public Health
John N. – Business
Hunter D. – Environmental Science