Student Profiles

Gavynn Arteaga

Finance, Class of 2019


Believe the Unbelieveable

Being a Santa Clara Bronco is a dream come true. When I was in high school, I was told I could not afford Santa Clara, I did not have the grades for it, and I should not even visit as I would get my hopes up. However, because of generous Santa Clara Fund donors and other scholarships I am now in my third year at this university and pursuing a finance degree.

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona. Family has always been a constant in my life. My siblings, mom, and dad have been my rock. Then, when I was 14 my dad lost his battle with cancer. My dad was always my biggest supporter as a student and as an athlete. Losing him rocked my world.

As a result, my grades suffered the year or two of high school after his death – they were okay but not the Santa Clara standard. That all changed my junior year. I decided that if my academics improved I could go much further. I set my sights on Santa Clara University because I knew I’d receive a top-notch Jesuit education, remembering my dad had always preached that whatever you set your mind to accomplish can be achieved.

 Every morning for the next two years I passed by a Santa Clara pennant I hung on the wall of my room at home. It was my reminder of what I needed to work for that day. I improved my grades significantly and worked to improve my ACT scores, all because I had Santa Clara as a goal.

I accomplished everything on my end to give myself the best chance to be admitted to this university. I was finally accepted to Santa Clara my senior year and my dream came true. But the financial barrier still remained. It was out of my hands which made it so much harder. It was not until my financial aid package arrived that I fell to my knees in gratitude. I could not believe it, I finally made it; I was going to attend Santa Clara!

My dreams came true and none of this would have been possible without your support. This school has taken me under its wing and shown me what it means to be a Bronco, to be educated at a Jesuit University, and to be a successful human being. I am forever grateful to Santa Clara Fund donors, who are the reason I am here today. Because of you I am showing my nieces back home that dreams can come true, and that they should never give up. Thank you, you have made me one proud Santa Clara Bronco.

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