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Chiara Carbone

Communication, Class of 2018

Academic Enhancements

Making Better Writers One Student at a Time

Growing up in a family with two parents as educators, I always wondered what it was like to help someone understand a concept, an idea, or teach someone how to write. Now, being a Writing Partner at Santa Clara’s HUB Writing Center, I have the opportunity to help any writer at any stage in the writing process—ranging from having no idea what to write about to having an almost ready to turn-in draft.

My goals for writers coming into the HUB are to teach them to have a voice through their paper, learn from their writing mistakes, and to encourage them to grow as writers. In addition to helping writers, I help students with public speaking by brainstorming ideas, outlining their speech, and having them present their speech. Since the HUB focuses on student learning, I have learned to let the writer or speaker talk to me about their essay or presentation and also give them suggestions when appropriate.

My most memorable moment working at the HUB was working with a writer on her Study Abroad essay. The writer wanted to brainstorm ideas for her application. To help writers visually see their spoken ideas, I write down their thoughts on a HUB customized notepad. I branched off from one of her key ideas to generate more conversation about her answers. As she mentioned one of her main ideas, I asked: “What are some examples of the breakthroughs you mentioned that relate to the study abroad program and will help you cultivate more knowledge abroad?”

She smiled the biggest smile, her eyebrows lifted, and with enthusiasm she said, “I can write about this breakthrough from this scientist and another breakthrough from this other scientist that relates to the program!” Seeing a writer reach that “a-ha” moment gives me great satisfaction that I made an impact as a tutor.

The experience of being a Writing Partner has given me a sense of what being a teacher involves and has enabled me to explore teaching as a career. My future plans not only lean toward teaching, but I am also considering being a college counselor or a writing tutor.

If it were not for your support through the Santa Clara Fund, I would not have had the opportunity to become a HUB Writing Partner and help fellow Bronco writers and speakers achieve their academic potential. Thank you for your generosity!

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