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Andraya Flor

Economics, Class of 2018

Student Initiatives

From a Basketball Court to a Court of Law

As an honors student and Santa Clara University women’s basketball player, much of my days are consumed with studying and spending time on the basketball court. However, with the goal of becoming a lawyer, I really wanted to find a way to connect with other pre-law students and learn more about what it takes to get into law school.

I was very excited last year to learn that a pre-law fraternity called Phi Alpha Delta was starting on campus. Phi Alpha Delta is one of the largest co-ed law fraternities in the United States. They provide resources and information for students interested in the law and they help undergraduates prepare for the LSAT.

Phi Alpha Delta has provided me the perfect setting in which to network with other pre-law students and gain a better understanding about what is needed to proceed in the direction of law school. They have a few meetings each quarter and also bring in professionals from the community to speak on topics related to the law.

Since this is a new organization on campus started by a group of seniors, I had the opportunity to be in the first class of initiates. We were initiated last spring in the Law School’s moot courtroom, which was beautiful and very meaningful to us as future lawyers. There were about 20 of us initiated that day, and after initiation there was a reception so we could all celebrate together and continue getting to know each other.

Santa Clara University, thanks to support through the Santa Clara Fund, provides the opportunity for any student who wants to go through the process to start an organization on campus. This is so important because it gives students like me a chance to get involved in activities beyond the classroom that influence our personal and professional development and help us become “men and women for others.”

I’m so grateful for your support through the Santa Clara Fund, which promotes the founding of new organizations like Phi Alpha Delta and hundreds of other excellent clubs on campus. Go Broncos!

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