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Alex Perlman

Economics, Class of 2019

Student Initiatives

Developing Leadership Skills Outside My Comfort Zone

It was Friday at 11:59 pm during the second week of my first year at Santa Clara University. A group of my friends and I eagerly waited for a call telling me whether I would be one of five elected from a pool of 19 candidates to win the first-year senator position. My phone rang at 12:06am. My hands trembling, I answered and was quickly congratulated. The room full of my new friends cheered and jumped around as I reflected on how much all that campaigning and pushing myself to meet people had paid off.

Running for student government pushed me out of my comfort zone, and being an active member of student government continues to do the same. It has led me into different adventures with all sorts of amazing Broncos, in an effort to improve our school. From the small things like planting more succulents on campus to the large projects such as a campaign to restore the Malley Center’s hours, it has been amazing to leave a mark of improvement on the community. I am still taking on different projects today to improve the Bronco community. Some of them include getting hammocks on campus, securing funding for Campus Recreation improvement, steering the student voice for the direction of the new STEM building, and more!

Through student government and being a committee chair, I have been part of a system that makes it very easy to grow as a leader. Through student government there is immediate feedback to my actions, which really helps me understand where I can grow.

Overall, the best experience has been helping those in the Bronco community do more, be more, and develop into something more. Whether that means helping a senator on my committee leave their comfort zone to make a desired change on campus or helping an administrator envision how their actions could change the lives of Broncos, I strive to help Broncos help other Broncos.

I cannot express enough gratitude for the great things you have helped make happen with your support through the Santa Clara Fund. Thank you so much for helping my fellow students and me live these experiences!

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