Student Profiles

Naeem Turner-Bandele

Electrical Engineering, Class of 2018

Academic Enhancements

Engineering a Better Future

My name is Naeem Turner-Bandele and I am a senior studying to become an electrical engineer. I wanted to thank you for your support through the Santa Clara Fund. In addition to scholarships and academic support, your generosity provided me with the amazing opportunity to attend the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) National Convention. The knowledge and opportunities I was exposed to at this conference have impacted me greatly in my journey to becoming an engineer.

Through the NSBE National Convention, I met electrical engineering professionals and was provided with an abundance of information to pursue my interest in the field. Additionally, this experience offered me a number of professional and academic opportunities including attendance at a career fair of more than 200 companies. It was here that I realized that I was interested in becoming a leader.

Since that first conference a few years ago, I served as president of the SCU chapter of NSBE in 2016-2017, and currently serve as Regional Programs Chair, which covers 12 states and 5 international locations. In this role, my job is to develop programming for graduate and undergraduate students. I’m also helping to plan the Fall Regional Conference to be held in Garden Grove, which is a huge responsibility. Attendees include between 400-600 NSBE members, grad students, and youth from middle school to high school.

As a future African American engineer and following the Jesuit tradition, I want to do what those who came before me sought to do—improve the human condition and leave the planet better than it was when they arrived. In fact, my mission is to create technological products and services that are accessible, affordable, efficient, and that meet the needs of all human beings. I’m interested in developing smart devices: health monitors, smart homes, things that touch the everyday lives of people.

I’m also interested in power and energy. Across the world we still have areas without power or without sufficient access to power and energy. I’d like to help bridge the gap between people who have quality power and those who don’t. Without adequate power, students and other people can’t get access to computing, hampering them from becoming more upwardly mobile. After I earn my bachelors, masters, and PhD in engineering, I’d like to start my own technology company to make these goals a reality, and make a difference in our world.

All of the knowledge I have gained and opportunities I have been part of at Santa Clara would not have been possible if it were not for your generosity. I am proud to be a Bronco. Thank you for having such a great impact on my development as an engineer, and as a leader at Santa Clara University.

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