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Who Benefits

True to our Jesuit tradition, which calls for the development of the whole person, the Santa Clara Fund supports students throughout campus in the following areas. This helps cultivate individuals of strong character who can help solve the worlds most complex problems in an ethical and compassionate way.


Most undergraduates receive financial support and tuition does not fully cover the cost of an undergraduate education. In fact, nearly 84% of undergraduate students receive financial assistance.

“Thanks to your support through the Santa Clara Fund, everything seems possible here.”

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Academic Enhancements

Through enhanced programs, Santa Clara provides students with an education of quality and value. It is no surprise that in a Survey of Recent Graduates (Class of 2013), 93% indicated that SCU had provided good to excellent preparation for life after college and 92% indicated good to excellent career preparation.

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“I founded the Aerospace and Rocketry Club thanks to your support through the Santa Clara Fund.”

Study Abroad and Immersion Programs

Through service, Santa Clara engages the community and world. Santa Clara students engage in community-based learning opportunities that yield over 20,000 hours of valuable community engagement each year. Your gift helps Santa Clara build a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

“Thank you for helping sustain programs like Study Abroad with your gift through the Santa Clara Fund.”

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Student Initiatives

The Santa Clara Fund has a far-reaching impact for undergraduates. You help supports club sports, student government, and other student initiatives.

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“Thank you for leveling the playing field with your gift through the Santa Clara Fund!”

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