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Student Profiles

  • Kaweni Ibarra

    As a transfer student who had heard great things about Santa Clara University, my first trip to this campus was as a college student. The beautiful campus initially drew me in, but I knew this was the place for me after taking the tour given by Santa Clara student guides.

  • Nicole Jacobus

    The minute I walked on Santa Clara University’s campus my senior year of high school, I knew this was where I wanted to go. The beautiful campus, enthusiastic students, and feeling of community made it feel like home was calling me.

  • Jon Rast

    Growing up in Portland, Oregon, my parents, who met as students at Santa Clara University, took my siblings and me to watch Santa Clara play University of Portland in soccer every year. Rain or shine—usually rain—we’d be there to watch the Broncos smack the Pilots. Fast forward several years and I found myself applying to colleges. It was an easy decision to choose this university.

  • Phoebe Luongo

    The Fr. Coz Scholarship has reminded me of my first impressions walking on the Santa Clara campus as a freshman—that it is centered on a community that supports one another and each member of that community is indelibly proud to be a Bronco. It brought me back to Santa Clara’s greater Jesuit values of helping other Broncos as well as anyone in need.