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Student Profiles

Carolyn Kuimelis
Recipient of the 2021-22 Fr. Richard Coz Scholarship

For Communications major Carolyn Kuimelis ‘22, it was a stint writing for the University’s student-run newspaper, The Santa Clara, which made the light go off. “At the end of my sophomore year, I’d been hired as Opinion Editor and knew that I wanted to pursue a career in journalism,” she explains. After switching her major to Communication and opting to minor in Economics and sociology, the budding reporter “couldn’t be happier” with her decision. Santa Clara’s close knit community was appealing as well because, although Kuimelis hadn’t quite figured out her professional path, “Santa Clara seemed like the perfect place to figure it out.”  With its small class sizes, ability to really get to know faculty, and plenty of options to learn and grow, Kuimelis was “confident that I would have the support necessary to grow into my passions, my interests, and—ultimately—myself.”

Thankfully, even the displacement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t divert her from building her writing and reporting skills. Kuimelis was able to work for the paper remotely and has only just ventured back into a physical newsroom. “It was so interesting to walk around the newsroom—which hadn’t been touched since March 2020—and see the sticky notes and mementos left by the previous staff,’ she says, noting the “less heartwarming sight” of the rotten grapes left behind in the staff refrigerator.

As a recipient of the Father Coz Scholarship, Carolyn wants donors to this scholarship to know how much it transforms students’ lives. “The past few years have been tumultuous for my family, and receiving this support was like a heavy weight being lifted off our shoulders,” she explains, allowing her to reduce her hours at her restaurant job to focus on her studies. “The Father Coz Scholarship lets me experience my final year at SCU to the fullest: from the newspaper, my research project, and my coursework, I can focus on what’s most important to me.”

After graduation, Carolyn plans to pursue a career in journalism. “The support I’ve received from faculty, the experiences I’ve had through the Ignatian Center, and my time on the paper have instilled the values and skills I need to pursue this career. I want to be a resource for future students who are in my position, as well as contribute to the scholarship once I’ve graduated.”