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Student Profiles

James Republicano
Recipient of the 2021-22 Fr. Richard Coz Scholarship

“My earliest SCU memory is visiting my brother Joseph in his freshman year college dorm and staying with him for a night,” recalls James Republicano ‘22. “I was 6 years old and I remember watching movies and having popcorn, as well as going to an SCU basketball game.”

However, given the Republicano family’s deep Santa Clara roots—James’ three brothers and father all attended the University, not to mention family friends. “But I chose SCU because I believed it would set me up best for my future and academic goals,” he explains, ultimately finding a home in the Classics Department. “My favorite class at SCU so far has been Ancient Greek Civilization--although it was one of the most challenging classes I’ve taken,” James says. “Professor Turkeltaub took interest in my academic journey and helped me choose an area of study that’s both interesting and challenging, that would challenge me to think outside of my own perspective to better understand who I am.”

“I truly want to thank the donors of the Fr. Coz scholarship from the bottom of my heart--without your generosity, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my studies at Santa Clara University.” Before receiving the Father Coz Scholarship, James considered dropping out last year due to financial concerns. However, the Father Coz scholarship will enable him to graduate as a Bronco, “and that is something I can never fully repay.” James hopes to someday return the favor, supporting “students like me who are dedicated and driven, yet did not quite get the scholarship assistance they needed to get through college. I am truly grateful for the generosity, and I hope that I can pay it forward one day.”