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Global Fellowship Program: Bright Generation, Ghana

Majors from accounting to women’s studies, biology and engineering to chemistry and political science have participated in the Global Fellows Program.
Bright Generation | Kumasi, Ghana

The idea for Bright Generation came from the experiences of three local young women who had been working with youth organizations in Ghana. They each had shared backgrounds working to promote the socio-economic and educational development of women and youth in impoverished areas. They recognized that programs catered to these groups, the most vulnerable demographics in Africa, were seriously lacking. 

A common interest was realized to develop an organization that had a specific focus on women and youth, with a commitment to creating projects that help people help themselves out of poverty.

Bright Generation understands that poverty is not just a lack of food and shelter, but also the loss of one's dignity and identity. The organization came together to establish itself as a source of poverty eradication through the empowerment of women and youth through innovative products and services.

Bright Generation sponsor form Download Bright Generation sponsor form here (PDF)

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