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Study Abroad

We offer study abroad opportunities for every major and on every continent except Antarctica. Get immersed in community through praxis placements in El Salvador. Gain professional experience by doing an internship in China. Learn to speak Twi and perform independent research in Ghana.  And gain a deeper understanding of your major.

Studying abroad will help you develop a deeper understanding of the world as a multicultural community. You’ll learn to bridge linguistic and cultural boundaries, and navigate ambiguous or unfamiliar situations. You’ll make new friends, see things you’ve never seen before, and come home with experiences that last a lifetime.

The skills and lessons you gain from your time abroad will make you a more confident communicator, a better leader, and a permanent citizen of the global community. This is where it starts.

Making soy milk with a community partner from La Javia, Tepecoyo as part of SCU's .