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Picture of Keyra Galvan
Keyra Galvan

How would you define your international education experience? 

  • Fulbright Scholar

What was your international education experience like?

Being a Fulbright Scholar in Mexico City was a one-of-a-kind experience that I will never forget. I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a binational business program where I worked at a large corporation part-time and was a local student taking MBA courses in the evenings. Interacting with local students and business executives really taught me the importance of international awareness. Living abroad as a Fulbright Scholar gave me an opportunity to learn from others and fully embrace a culture that lives passionately everyday. I learned to value different point of views. I learned to embrace different perspectives. But most importantly, this experience allowed me to reflect in myself and my true passion in life, working towards closing the digital divide and economic disparities we see today in many of our local communities.

What message do you have to share with students and community members about the importance of international education?

Embrace it. Live it. Spread it.

An international education is a gift in itself. It teaches you to fully immerse yourself to an environment outside what you are accustomed to. The best thing you can do with an opportunity like this is to welcome the experience with an open mind, live in the present to learn everything you can, and spread those learnings with others.