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Committees & Governance

Governance Supporting Global Engagement

The work of global partnerships, education abroad, international students and scholars and the processes ensuring health, safety, risk, and compliance engage the University governance in multiple ways.  

University Committees

Crisis Abroad Response Team (CART)

The Crisis Abroad Response Team (CART) convenes to coordinate an institutional response in the event of an international or localized emergency that may impact participants on University-sponsored international programs or travel.  The members determine when to cancel or suspend University-sponsored education abroad opportunities or travel because of significant health, safety, or legal risks to participants, or significant threat to the educational objectives of the program.  The Crisis Abroad Response Team may incorporate other consultants as needed.  


  • Kate Morris, Acting Provost and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Kelly Douglas, General Counsel
  • Susan Popko, Associate Provost for International Programs
  • Jeanne Rosenberger, Vice Provost for Student Life
  • Ramona Sauter, Associate Vice President for Finance
  • Jill Stallman, Assistant Director, Risk Management & Insurance
  • TBD, Director of Global Health, Safety and Risk

Travel Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC)

TPAC is responsible for making recommendations regarding all university-sponsored international travel for students, faculty and staff, in keeping with the University International Travel Policy. TPAC reviews both proposals from Faculty/Staff Program Coordinators and requests for individual faculty/staff travel and makes recommendations to the Associate Provost for International Programs regarding the approval of university-sponsored international travel. TPAC makes recommendations to the Provost regarding requests for exceptions to the university international travel policy regarding university-sponsored international travel. TPAC advises on guidelines and procedures related to university-sponsored international travel in keeping with national best practices and ethical engagement abroad.


  • Sara Branley, Director of Study Abroad
  • Allan Baez Morales, Director of Programs and Partnerships, Frugal Innovation Hub
  • Chris Hanson, Assistant Director of Study Abroad, secretary
  • Darcy Philips, Director of Immersions, Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education
  • Susan Popko, Associate Provost for International Programs, chair
  • Paul Soukup, SJ, Chair and Pedro Arrupe Professor, Communication Department
  • Jill Stallman, Assistant Director, Risk Management & Insurance
  • Tedd Vanadilok, Director, Center for Student Leadership
Committee Manual

This is the TPAC Manual for all committee members.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and minutes are publicly accessible.

International Enrollment Advisory Committee (IEAC)

IEAC is comprised of enrollment management colleagues from across the University to discuss international student enrollment strategies at SCU, national trends impacting international student recruitment, best practices in international enrollment management and initiatives across the university that support SCU's sizable international student population.


  • Jana Hee, Senior Assistant Dean, Enrollment Management and Student Services, School of Education and Counseling Psychology
  • Melissa Heid, Director of International Students and Scholars, Global Engagement
  • Bryan Hinkle, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management, School of Law
  • Becky Konowicz, Dean of Undergraduate Admission, Undergraduate Admission
  • Toby McChesney, Vice Provost of Graduate Programs, Provost's Office
  • Joe Morris, Director of Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries
  • Susan Popko, Associate Provost for International Programs, chair
  • Drew Roberts, Assistant Dean, Enrollment Management and Marketing, Jesuit School of Theology
  • Joshua Rosenthal, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs
  • Stacey Tinker, Director, Admissions and Marketing, Graduate Programs, School of Engineering
  • Genevieve Villa, notetaker
Committee Manual

This is the IEAC Manual for all committee members.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and minutes are publicly accessible.

Working Groups and Task Forces

Terra Dotta User Group (2017-22)

The Terra Dotta User Group provideed feedback on developing guidelines and procedures for university-wide engagement with Terra Dotta software to support global programs and data reporting. 

Diversity and Identity Abroad Resources Working Group (2021-22)

This working group charge was created by the Associate Provost for International Programs to: 1) Enhance existing resources addressing diversity and identity abroad for undergraduate and graduate students participating on programs abroad. 2) Develop resources for faculty/staff leading global programs throughout the University to help them in preparing and supporting students of diverse identities abroad and addressing identities in different cultural contexts. 3) Develop a regular timeline for reviewing resources and making updates.