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Santa Clara University

International Education Week

International Education Week 2020

Together Around the World

What is International Education Week?

International Education Week (November 16-20, 2020) is a national week of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education that celebrates the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.

Global Engagement, in collaboration with SCU partners, plans and hosts a diversity of International Education Week programming here on campus and encourages students, faculty, and staff to share their international stories and experiences on social media. To learn more about International Education Week in general, please visit the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ website.

International Education Week at Santa Clara University

At Santa Clara University, International Education Week often brings opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to explore international programming such as:

  1. Diversity and inclusion workshop
  2. Lessons on language or culture
  3. International film screening
  4. Lectures and/or discussions on global issues

Music Around the World

Music is extremely important to communities of every culture. Check out the Music Around the World page as we highlight SCU community's favorite international music via our very own International Education Week 2020 Spotify Playlist! We also highly encourage you to submit your own songs to be added!

Flavors Around the World

We all know that food brings people together. Check out the Flavors Around the World page as we highlight SCU community's favorite international food via our very own digital cookbook! We also highly encourage you to submit your own recipes to be added!

International Education Week Schedule of Events

**Coming Soon**