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Santa Clara University

Fall 2020 Finalists

2020 - 2021 Global Engagement Photo Contest Winners 

This year’s Global Engagement Photo Contest had a mashup theme of Throwback Thursday: Together Around the World. We asked students, faculty, and staff to show us what made them feel connected during their international journey. What brings us together to unite us as humans? What does an “international education” mean to them? The SCU community voted for their favorite submissions and decided on the winners below.

First Place: 

"The woman I met last night", Thailand submitted by Maggie Menendez

"I drove past this woman nearly every day and thought to myself "she would be beautiful to photograph." However, I always want to ask before taking someone's portrait -- since I don't speak Thai this was a challenge. However, my final week in Thailand I spent a night at the local temple and met this woman! The next day when I passed by she invited me over to photograph her."

Photo of woman sitting in her home

Second Place: 

"Adopt the pace of nature <3", United States submitted by Vidhi Gandhi

"Hiking to these mesmerizing waterfalls. This picture is truly a rainbow in the sad corona period."

Photo of waterfalls

Third Place: 

"The hope amid pandemic", United States submitted by Manas Prakash Sadhwani

"The photo was taken when Indian PM made historic decision to lockdown 1.3+ billion people and as a way to bring people together asked to light candle/light at 9 PM. So we decided to do the same here in USA."

Photo of man lighting a candle

Honorable Mention: 

"Always", United States submitted by Hsiang Chao

"Take this picture in Twin Peak, San Francisco. The graffiti "Life is beautiful" encourages me."

Photo of two people sitting on a barrier with the words