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Santa Clara University

Individual University-Sponsored International Travel

Register Individual Faculty/Staff Travel


Do I have to register my individual university-sponsored international travel?
Yes.  This university policy has been in place since 2004 and you can read it here.
How long does the individual registration process take?
About two minutes - literally.
Does this mean that if I am using department funds to attend an international conference I should register here?
Does this mean that if I am using department/university funds to conduct research or hold meetings overseas I should register here?
I have grant funding - is my international travel considered "university-sponsored"?  
Yes, if the grant is administered through SCU in any way.
I have never done this before, why should I do it now?
Well, it is university policy and because you will be covered by University insurance when you are overseas.  No university funds can support your travel if you do not register.
Are all locations in the world covered by SCU's insurance?
Actually, no.  In some cases, we review your travel proposal and the University purchases additional insurance on your behalf to support your ability to conduct research and/or work abroad in certain countries. This is at no additional cost to you.
What if I want to do work in a country or area of a country with a Department of State Travel Advisory Level 3 or 4?
The University International Travel Policy prohibits university-sponsored travel in countries or areas with a DOS Advisory Level 3 or 4, but instead of a policy with a "blanket 'no'" for travel to these countries, SCU maintains a process by which exceptions to university policy may be reviewed by the Travel Policy Advisory Committee possible exceptions to university policy considered by the Provost. 
When should I register my individual travel?
No later than four weeks prior to departure.  If you hope to go to a country that requires additional insurance or that has a DOS Advisory Level 3 or 4, the process for additional support can take time and we recommend submitting policy exception requests no later than six weeks prior to departure.
If I am traveling to a country with a DOS Advisory Level 1 or 2 will I receive a formal letter from the Associate Provost letting me know that my travel is approved?
No - the simple two-minute registration process is all that you need to do.  It really is that simple!
I am really interested in the details of this fascinating process - how can I learn more?
I would like to take one or more students abroad - is this individual registry the process that I use?
No.  You are not traveling as an individual in such cases but rather are acting as a sponsor for the student. Please refer to Program Coordinator Responsibilities and Resources
I have many detailed insurance-specific  questions - should I contact you for answers?
We are the global experts, not insurance experts, but we are happy to connect you with SCU's insurance expert, Sam Florio, Director of Risk Management, or you can reach out to him directly.
Do I have to register my domestic university-sponsored travel?
Should I register my personal travel here?
I am going to visit my student who is currently studying abroad through SCU - is this considered university-sponsored travel?
No.  But we wish you a good visit with your student.