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Santa Clara University

Procedures Overview

International Travel Proposal Process

All faculty and staff wishing to propose to lead an international program must submit an International Travel Proposal to the Travel Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC).  Approval is granted with the expectation that SCU Faculty/Staff Program Coordinators will fulfill their responsibilities.

To request approval for all university-sponsored international travel, the SCU Faculty/Staff Program Coordinator should submit the International Travel Proposal with all supporting documents as a single electronic file to  The deadline for proposals is a minimum of eight weeks prior to anticipated departure, to allow for health and safety requirements.  Applications should be submitted by this deadline even if funding has not been confirmed.  Late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  Proposals must be submitted by Faculty/Staff Coordinators; students may not serve as Program Coordinators for the University.

Application Review Process

Once submitted, the Travel Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC) will review all International Travel Proposals.  If there is a DOS Travel Warning or other existing serious health or safety risk, TPAC will submit a recommendation to the Provost who will make the decision about whether or not to make an exception to the University policy.  The University reserves the right to change its decision regarding approval at any time should circumstances change.  

Decisions for exceptions will be based on the nature of the Travel Warning, including: the locations impacted by the Warning, the experience and training of program organizers and local support staff, the importance and academic relevance of involvement, and potential safety risks.