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Who is Responsible at SCU?

The Associate Provost for International Programs is responsible for reviewing and granting approval for Program Coordinators' requests to travel to regions that do not have a current DOS Travel Warning or other health and safety risk; s/he may engage the Travel Policy Advisory Committee in this process as necessary.  Additionally, the Associate Provost chairs the Travel Policy Advisory Committee and serves on the Crisis Abroad Task Force.

Each University entity that sends students, faculty, and/or staff on University-sponsored international travel must determine their primary emergency contact(s) and provide Campus Safety with this information in the event of a world or localized crisis.

Campus Safety serves as the single main emergency contact point for communications to the University.  Students and parents are instructed to contact the Campus Safety Emergency Telephone Number 408-554-4444, 24/7 in the event of an emergency involving SCU sponsored activities.


  • Elsa Chen, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Bridget Colbert, Interim General Counsel
  • Sam Florio, Director of Risk Management
  • Lisa Kloppenberg, Interim Provost, chair
  • Jessica Matsumori, Associate Vice President for Finance
  • Susan Popko, Associate Provost for International Programs
  • Jeanne Rosenberger, Vice Provost for Student Life

The Crisis Abroad Task Force may incorporate other consultants as needed.  The Task Force convenes to coordinate response in the event of an international or localized emergency that may impact participants in University-sponsored travel.  The members determine when to cancel or suspend University-sponsored education abroad opportunities because of significant health, safety, or legal risks to participants, or significant threat to the educational objectives of the program.

Deans and Executive Directors oversee staff, faculty, and student travel within their department or area and provide department/School/College approval of international travel proposals by Program Coordinators in their department prior to the International Travel Permission Application process.

The Director of Risk Management advises the University on issues of risk, insurance, and compliance for University-sponsored international travel.

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) provides leadership, coordination, strategic planning, and resources for the internationalization of the campus.  In collaboration with other University departments and off-campus partners, the GEO operates programs and offers services that enhance intercultural education at Santa Clara University.  The GEO serves as a source of information and support for faculty, staff, and students requesting SCU international travel approval, advising Program Coordinators on resources and policies related to University-sponsored international travel.

The Program Coordinator is a Santa Clara University faculty or staff member responsible for submitting the appropriate documentation throughout the two-part International Travel Permission Application Procedure.  In addition, s/he agrees to the roles and responsibilities as outlined in the International Travel Permission Application Procedure and the SCU International Travel Policy, specifically 24/7 monitoring of their program and appropriate OSAC and DOS advisories. S/he serves as the first point of contact for any sort of crisis response as necessary and as contact for participants in the international program.  S/he ensures that all participants in the program are informed of risks and dangers involved with travel and submit required documentation in accordance with the SCU International Travel Policy and the International Travel Approval and Participation Procedure.

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The Provost is responsible for the final decision regarding travel approval in regions where a DOS Travel Warning or health and safety advisory has been issued based upon recommendations provided by the Travel Policy Advisory Committee.  The Provost also heads the Crisis Abroad Task Force to coordinate response in the event of a world or localized crisis.

A participant is any individual participating in University-sponsored travel.  Individuals participating in University-sponsored travel must sign an Informed Consent Waiver and Participation Agreement Form.  All participants are expected to submit all required documentation as articulated by their Program Coordinator.  In addition, students must agree to abide by both the Student Code of Conduct and the SCU International Travel Policy.  Students are expected to submit all required documentation as articulated by their Program Coordinator.

Charge: TPAC reviews proposals from Faculty/Staff Program Coordinators and makes recommendations to the Associate Provost for International Programs regarding the approval of university-sponsored international travel. The Committee makes recommendations to the Provost regarding requests for exceptions to University policy regarding university-sponsored international travel.  TPAC advises on guidelines and procedures related to university-sponsored international travel.  The Committee provides guidance in keeping with national best practices and ethical engagement abroad.

  • Spencer Arnold, Director of Global Operations, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Allan Baez Morales, Director of Programs and Partnerships, Frugal Innovation Hub
  • Hallie Bodey, Program Manager, Law School - Center for Global Law and Policy
  • Sara Branley, Director of Study Abroad
  • Rebekah Cramer, Executive Assistant to the Associate Provost, committee support
  • Sam Florio, Director, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Susan Popko, Associate Provost for International Programs, chair
  • Charles Mansour, Director of Immersions, Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education
  • Liz Barron Silva, Senior Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, Leavey School of Business
  • Paul Soukup, SJ, Chair and Pedro Arrupe Professor, Communication Department
  • Tedd Vanadilok, Director, Center for Student Leadership