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Students Participating in Multiple Programs

Students are strongly encouraged to apply to participate in multiple global programs during their time at SCU and SCU provides opportunities for students to engage in global learning as early as their first year.  

Students are strongly advised to consult with all department programs in which they hope to participate well in advance of programs abroad to develop a feasible plan for visas and other pre-departure preparation. Obtaining a visa is the responsibility of the student. Normally, during the time that a Consulate is processing a visa the passport is held at the Consulate which means that students may not travel outside of the US.  Students should be aware that it may take Consulates up to two months to issue a visa.   Countries such as Spain, Italy and the UK are examples of countries with stringent or lengthy visa requirements for students. Non-US citizens may require additional planning time related to visa documents, as well. 

Visas for Students Participating in Multiple Global Programs at SCU