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Santa Clara University

Immigration Check-In


  • Write your SEVIS ID and SCU ID numbers on the copy of your visa.
  • Log in to eCampus at: 
  • Select the 'Profile' tile. 
  • Select 'Addresses' on the left bar. 
  • Permanent Address: Click “>” to edit. Enter your U.S. ADDRESS. 

    Follow examples below to enter the address where you are living in the U.S.

(includes “off-campus” property owned by Santa Clara University)

Address 1:  500 El Camino Real  (Street number, Street name, and Apartment number)

Address 2:  Swig Hall #123  (Residence Hall name and room number)

Address 3  (leave blank):   

City: Santa Clara         

State: CA   

Postal: 95053

County (leave blank):  

Address 1: 1050 Benton St Apt 186   (Street number, Street name, and Apartment number)     

Address 2 and Address 3 (leave blank):

City: Santa Clara               

State: CA       

Postal: 95050

County (leave blank):

  • Foreign Address: Click “+” to add or “>” to edit. Enter your HOME COUNTRY ADDRESS.
  • Click on Contact Details on the left bar and click “+” to add or “>” to edit. 
  • “Permanent/Home” phone number:  Enter a home country phone number and save.
    Do not add any symbols (+, -, or / ). 
  • If you have a U.S. phone number:  Select “Mobile” from the drop-down menu. Enter your U.S. phone number, do not include the country code. Check the box in the “Preferred”. Save.
  • Click on Emergency Contacts tab and click “+” to add your emergency contact person’s information.
    The person can be in the U.S. or from your home country.
  • Fill out the International Student Welcome Evaluation:
  • Raise your hand to have an ISS team member check your eCampus and collect your printed documents.
    • F-1 Students:  visa and I-94
    • Change of Status students: I-797A approval notice only
    • J-1 Students:  visa, I-94, page 1 of DS-2019, and proof of health insurance

Congratulations, you have completed Immigration Check-in!