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Santa Clara University

I-20 Request Deadlines

Submission Deadlines for I-20 Request Packets

In order to make sure we can process your I-20 in enough time for you to get your visa stamp, enter the U.S., arrive at SCU and complete your check-in and ISW before classes start, your I-20 Request Packet must be submitted by the following deadlines. 

Initial Term at SCU I-20 Request Period
Fall Quarter  / Fall Semester March 1 to July 1
Winter Quarter/Spring Semester August 1 to November 1
Spring Quarter November 1 to February 1
Summer Quarter (select programs only) February 1 to May 1

I-20 Request Deadline FAQs

Normally, when I-20 Requests that are submitted with complete supporting documentation it takes 15 business days for ISS to issue an I-20.  I-20 Requests cannot be reviewed until complete and accurate supporting documentation is provided.
The timeline for obtaining a visa can take as long as six weeks and the process that students undertake varies country by country.  In some cases, students need to schedule an appointment at the local US embassy and cannot do so until they have received their I-20.  In some cases students need to travel significant distance to reach a US embassy in person to drop off and/or retrieve their documents.  
Yes.  However, the visa stamp must be issued prior to departure for the US.
No.  International students who do not meet the arrival deadline must discuss the possibility of entry for the following term with Admissions (Undergraduate students) or their College/School (Graduate students).