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Interview with Geminiano Yabut IV, Distinguished First Year Student

 Have you declared a major?

Yes, I have.  I’m a computer engineer.  My dad took a major similar to computer engineering, but then he switched out.  He recommended it to me and I like computers.  I was good at Math and Science when I was young and I was bad at English and Social Sciences, so I figured I like computers and I’m good at Math and Science so, I’m doing computer engineering.

How does it feel to be one of thirty Distinguished First Year students?

I’d have to say I feel distinguished!

Honestly, it’s been cool, just getting recognition for studies – it feels nice.  Sometimes I feel like maybe I don’t deserve it, because I have a bunch of friends around me that are really smart.

Distinguished First Year students are invited to join the Honors Program at SCU.  Are you planning to join?

Yes, the first thought I had was like “it would be an honor!”  I already sent Carole Wentz an email and I’m going to be taking an Honors C&I in the fall.  It’s history.  I was honestly hoping for Philosophy, because I’m interested in that kind of thing, but nothing would fit my schedule, so I decided to take history in the Fall.  I heard the teacher is good, so I decided to go for it.

Are you thinking about a minor at all?

I considered minoring in Entrepreneurship, but my advisor advised against it, because it’s a lot of units to take.  I didn’t come in with any extra units.  She said they would make a specialization in entrepreneurship in Engineering for engineers, but they don’t have that yet.

Are you planning to participate in any Global experiences abroad while at SCU?

Honestly, I haven’t thought about it much.  I thought I’d talk about it with my family for possibly my junior year.  I’m not sure because I’m already studying abroad.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it because of its cost.

Do you have any plans after SCU?

I’m planning to work here, hopefully for one of the tech companies in Silicon Valley.  It’s cool that Santa Clara is in the middle of the whole Silicon Valley tech scene so I think I’ll stay here for a while.  When I have a lot of money, I’m going to go back to the Philippines.  I’d like to invest in my Dad’s company, and I also want to make a social start-up so I can help.  Because there are a lot of poor people in the Philippines, I’m hoping to make some kind of business or something to help. 

I’d like to be in a big company for a while, if I could work for Google that would be so cool because they’ve got the free food and everything!  I visited their campus once and it’s very nice.  That would be chill for a couple of years, but then, I think eventually, I’d want to go and work hard on some start-up – because it's high risk, high reward.

What have you tried as a First Year college student that you liked or didn’t like?

I got involved with the Filipino club, I’m their Freshman Representative.  It was a great experience, a great leadership experience – I've made a lot of friends.

What I didn’t like…Hmm.  I’m not sure, SCU is really cool!  I haven’t spent that much time with people in my dorm, I only have a small group of friends there.  Maybe for next year, I’d like to get to know everyone there.  I know dorm life is a really big part of the experience and I haven’t been taking as much advantage of it as I should.

Which Residence Life Community are you in?

San Filippo and I’m going to stay there next year as well.

Is there anything else that you’d like to try before graduating?

There’s a lot!  Like, I haven’t gotten to do the whole American experience yet.  There’s a lot of things you can do here, that I haven’t done yet.  Like…Sky diving!  I want to do sky diving.  There’s a lot, I don’t think I can pinpoint.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Can I say, “Hi Mom”?

Definitely!  We’re going to send a letter home to your family.  Have you told them about the Honor's Program?  Are they excited?

Yeah!  I was talking to them, and they helped me make my decision.

Have they been to Santa Clara to see the University?

Yes.  My Dad went here!  Bronco for life!

David Chan

David Chan

"Get to know the people around you, especially, if you’re international.  Really immerse yourself in the culture and in the school, try different things…That’ll change your whole perspective."