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Interview with Annie Brown, Distinguished First Year Student

Have you declared a major?

I have, I’ve declared bio-engineering.

Are there any classes you’ve taken so far or any course work that you’re particularly excited about?

I’m actually taking the Intro to Bioengineering class right now, BIO-10 and it’s really cool to be exposed to all the different disciplines within bioengineering as it’s actually really broad.  We’ve had two different professors, one for half of the quarter and then, the other.  So it’s really interesting because they both have different areas of expertise.  One of them is more on the devise side and one of them is more on the molecular side of bioengineering, so it’s cool.

Was there a particular side that appealed to you?

I’ve enjoyed both so far.

How does it feel to be one of thirty first year distinguished students?

I felt really honored.  It was really exciting to get the email to know that my hard work has paid off.  It was cool to meet everyone else who was included at the dinner too.

Distinguished First Year students are invited to join the Honors Program at SCU.  Are you planning to join?

Yeah, I am planning to join.  It looks like a really great program.

So what are your plans for your future at Santa Clara?

I’m hoping to get involved in the Dance department a little bit more along with bioengineering.  I started taking Ballet 2 this quarter.  I’ve danced my whole life and I was missing it, and I did the informal performance yesterday, so hopefully I can get more in their performances next quarter – audition for that.

Are you thinking about minoring in Dance?

If I can get enough classes, then yeah, I’ll declare, but we’ll see.  It helps me de-stress, it’s exercise, and it’s just something I love to do.

Are you planning to participate in any global experiences abroad while a Santa Clara student?

Yeah, I’d love to do a quarter abroad.  I know there’s engineering programs abroad, there’s a couple in Australia, there’s some in London, so I really want to look into those over the summer and then figure out when I’m going to apply.

Do you have any plans for after SCU?

I want to stay here in California, but I also miss Vancouver, it’s a beautiful city so I’ll probably go back for grad school or we’ll see where life takes me.  I’m in the pre-med track of bioengineering right now, so I’m interested in medical school, so hopefully that works out.  There’s a really great medical school in Vancouver, so that would be ideal.

What have you tried as a First Year College Student that you liked or didn’t like?

I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like, but I got involved with the Society of Women Engineers, and I really liked that, especially their outreach program called One Step Ahead.  They bring in girls from local high schools and I would volunteer for those a couple of times – I think I did two, and you do engineering programs with them.  You do a bunch of build – we built vision boards and I know that they did other Saturdays with other disciplines in Engineering.  You get them interested in science and engineering.  That was one of my favorite things this year, it was really fun.

What do you still want to try?

Basically what I was saying before, getting involved in Dance, auditioning for Images, choreographers gallery.  I’d love to get involved in some of the other Engineering societies.  I’d really like to get trained in the MakerLab – that seems really cool, people always make really cool stuff in there.  So, hopefully, I can make one of the training sessions in the Fall.  I don’t even know what the capabilities are there completely, so after training I’ll see what the possibilities are, but I know there’s a ton!