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Interview with David Chan, Distinguished First Year Student

Global Engagement: Have you declared a major?

Daniel: As of now, I’m still undeclared business, but I’m leaning towards Finance.

Global Engagement: Why are you interested in Finance?

Daniel: I think mostly because I want to work in the Banking Industry.  Finance will probably be the most relevant course towards that direction.

Global Engagement: Are there any classes in particular that have made you lean towards this?

Daniel: The first actual finance class we take is end of sophomore or early junior year.  So, it’s really far away.  The first business class is Accounting.  I don’t really see myself doing Accounting, I think it’s a bit bland and a bit tedious.  So, probably just Finance to get in that industry.

Global Engagement: Do you have any other interests that you think might become a minor?

Daniel: I’m thinking about MIS (Information Systems).  Just to get the technology side of it.

Global Engagement: Have there been any classes in particular that you’ve enjoyed so far?

Daniel: I think my C&I class.  Because we haven’t done a whole lot of Business-Business classes, so I don’t think I can say I really enjoy Business yet, but I liked my Cultures and Ideas class.  So, our topic was Wars, Individuals, and States.  We look at very strong characters that define either a certain state, a play, or just symbols within literature.

Global Engagement: Is there anyone in particular that stood out to you or you were inspired by?

Daniel: Maybe not inspired by, but we had to watch The Dark Knight, we had to look into the symbolism of Batman and the Joker, what that stood for.  I thought that was probably one of the most interesting things, because The Dark Knight is such a dark and interesting movie, so much to look into.

Global Engagement: How does it feel to be one of thirty Distinguished First Year students?

Daniel: I was honestly very surprised but it’s a great honor.  I just didn’t expect to be a Distinguished participant, because just transitioning into college in the Fall, I wasn’t sure that academically I could keep up with integrating into school, society – a new country, but I’m really glad that I was able to get everything going and get the award.

I’ve never really been like a stand out academic, so to win an award based on academics is new for me.

Global Engagement: Distinguished First Year students are invited to join the Honors Program at SCU, are you planning to join?

Daniel: Yeah.  I think it’s a whole different learning experience, learning at a higher level.  It makes college more worthwhile, really taking what you can from college, rather than just cruising through it.

Global Engagement: What are your plans for your career at SCU?

Daniel: Honestly, I’m just taking it one year at a time.  Not even one year – one quarter at a time.  I don’t really look too far in the future, because I make plans and then, they all change along the way.  Especially, when there are quite a lot of things to do around the campus.  I don’t want to constrict myself into this sort of path, instead just taking it as it goes.

Global Engagement: Are you planning to participate in any Global experiences abroad while at SCU?

Daniel: I thought about studying abroad again, because you know, I’m kind of Studying Abroad already, because I’m in the ACE Leadership program in the Business school, and what they recommend is to Study Abroad, because they say it helps you learn and it’s a new experience and also, with the Honors Program, Study Abroad counts as one of the requirements, so it’s something I’m considering.  But, I don’t know if I want to Study Abroad on my Study Abroad.

Global Engagement: Do you have any plans for after SCU?

Daniel: Hopefully, trying to find a job here – in the area.  That’s Plan A.  If not, maybe on the East Coast, New York City’s strong banking industry.  If not, then obviously, I’d have to go back home. 

Global Engagement: So, you are hoping to go straight into a job after graduation?

Daniel: Yes, before college, I had a break between high school, because as a Singaporean, we have to do compulsory military, so two years, I think is enough time off from life.  So, I want to get into it straight away.  There will always be times I can enjoy myself, and I can make time.

I think in the distant future I could head back, because family is there, but that would be in the distant future.  Maybe ten – fifteen years.

Global Engagement: What have you tried as a First Year college student that you liked or didn’t like?

Daniel: I joined a professional Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi.  I thought that whole experience, joining a group of likeminded people, that was a good professional and personal learning experience.  Integrating with a group of business students who all had the desire to improve themselves.  I also learned a lot about professional skills.

Something I didn’t like…Not that I didn’t like it, but I think joining an MCC club.  I didn’t think it was a bad experience, I just didn’t put enough experience into it to reap the benefits, because of time constraints and other things.  I wasn’t able to put myself into the experience, I’d want to try to get back into it next year, but we’ll see.

Global Engagement: What do you still want to try?

Daniel: Being in a different country, I just want to try to make the most of my experience here, whatever format that might come in, really getting that California experience.  That’s one of the things that made me want to come to California.  There’s so much to experience here – the culture, the people, it’s sort of diverse.  There are so many opportunities, especially contrasting the North and South.  Relatively close, but sort of a different world.

Global Engagement: Is there anything else you want to share?

Daniel: Get to know the people around you, especially, if you’re international.  Really immerse yourself in the culture and in the school, try different things.  You might not stick to all of them, but at least you know you tried – sampled this, sampled that, and eventually you’ll find something you like.  That’ll change your whole perspective.

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Francis Tan

"Everyone wants to make a difference – not just learn, but impact the world in one way or another, so that’s something that I believe will make my stay at SCU more meaningful.  Just surrounding myself with people and knowing these kinds of different personalities to push me even more, like a support group.  As they support me, I also wish to support them."