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Santa Clara University

Money in the U.S.

Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, even grocery stores. There is a bank located on campus in Benson Center.  You may wish to open a checking account, particularly if you will be working on campus. Wages are directly deposited into your personal checking account.

To reduce the risk of traveling with a lot of money in cash, you may want to consider one of the following methods to access your money:

  • ATM or Debit card (the most widely accepted cards have a Visa or MasterCard logo), as this would be the fastest and most economical way of getting money
  • A bank check (also called a cashier’s check) drawn up in your home country in U.S. dollars

US immigration regulations are complex and change frequently.  The University strives to maintain a website that is both current and helpful, however, Santa Clara University is not responsible for students maintaining lawful immigration status; this is the responsibility of the student.  Further, resources and links do not constitute endorsement by Santa Clara University.