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About the Program

About the SCU Exchange Program

We are pleased to know of your interest in studying at Santa Clara University through our Exchange Program as part of your degree at your home university. If you want to apply for admission to a degree program at Santa Clara, then you need to contact the SCU Admission Office.  As a reminder, only students from institutions with pre-existing agreements with SCU may apply.  

After you have received your approval and nomination from your home university, we invite you to prepare yourself well by reading through the information provided in this website and completing the appropriate forms. Here you can find information about the Exchange Program, how to apply for it from your home university, ways to request your immigration documents, housing preferences, how to register for classes at Santa Clara, the Mentor Program, an online form to tell us of your airport arrival information, ways to get involved on campus, upcoming events, and our contact information.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact the Global Engagement Office at Santa Clara University.

Monet Gonnermanimage

Diversity Perspective

Monet Gonnerman

"On the last night in El Salvador, we all pulled our mattresses out of our rooms and laid them side­by­side in our livingroom. We stayed up late painting a brick on one of the walls of our house and home for the past four months to leave our mark and commemorate our experience. We each chose a design, phrase or whatever captured our heart. I remember falling asleep that night next to so many people I loved, who had all been complete strangers 4 months earlier."

Gus  Hardyimage

Gus Hardy

"The key to Casa really is its engagement when all has been said and done. The program, in the words of Father Mark Ravizza (a key figure in Casa) is based upon 'Engaging Reality.' That means that everyone is expected to be present and give themselves fully to the community in which they have been assigned."