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Get Help

Getting culture shock is natural. While you can expect to experience some culture shock being so far from your home and culture, we encourage you to be vigilant about seeking help if it starts to become overwhelming for you. Here are some resources for you on and off-campus. Please make the effort to seek the help.

The Cowell Center is located on campus next to the big basketball stadium. Call them at 408-554-4501 for appointments with nurses, doctors, and trained counselors who can offer confidential counseling and other medical help.

Campus Ministry is located at Benson Memorial Center, the student center on campus across the hallway from the cafeteria and next to the Information Booth. Seek out the Campus Ministers and the Resident Ministers for any spiritual help. There is a meditation center located at the entrance of the office where you can take time to center yourself.

Campus Safety is located on the ground level of the parking structure on your left side as you enter the main entrance of the campus from El Camino Real. Please call them at 408-554-4444 for any emergencies or if you feel you are in danger.

We are located in Varsi Hall, first floor.  Please don't hesitate to call us at 408-551-3019.

If you live in on-campus housing, then you have access to 24/7 help from the on-duty Resident Directors. Please check your housing documents for the emergency phone number.

The OSL team will assist you in remedying any problems that might arise with other Santa Clara students or landlords if you live off-campus.