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Santa Clara University

Parents and Family

You play an important role in your family member's decision to study at Santa Clara University.

Studying at SCU is a decision to embark upon a rigorous course of study to obtain a degree and also the life-changing decision to study in another country.  We hear from families that they want to know more about opportunities and regulations related to F-1 student immigration status. Also, we hear many questions about how a student changes from one immigration status to another if they are already here in the US.  As well, families tell us they have questions about student life at SCU, housing, dining facilities, and financial costs.

Studying at SCU is also an important financial commitment that can affect immediate and extended family members.  Family members often want to know the employment restrictions for students in the F-1 immigration status and the conditions for participating in Curricular Practical Training while they are studying and for extending their immigration status after graduation for Optional Practical Training and STEM OPT.

We are excited to welcome you to the extended SCU family and we are here to help you  support your family member in their education.  Faculty and staff are available to support students if and when they need it, but most of the time international students thrive at SCU. Last year 5 out of our 30 Distinguished First Year Students were international students. 

Family Assistance

Santa Clara provides a wide range of resources and support for families of current students via our Families gateway.