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Santa Clara University

Host Visitors and Scholars

Host International Visitors, Researchers or Scholars

Host an International Visitors, Researcher or Scholar in Your Department 

SCU hosts international visitors from around the world in departments throughout the University.  To host a visiting international researcher or scholar, an individual in the academic department is required to take on the role of “Host Coordinator”.  Host Coordinators have responsibilities for supporting the international visitor throughout their time at SCU.  There are resources to support Host Coordinators in their responsibilities, as well.

Why do Host Coordinators have to submit the International Visitor Proposal as the first step first?

The International Visitor Proposal helps us determine whether the international visitor requires immigration support and, if so, whether they fall under the categories for visa support that SCU is licensed by the federal government to support, e.g., J-1.

What is a J-1 Scholar?

A J-1 Scholar is the term SCU uses for any international professor or researcher who has been invited to visit our university under the sponsorship of our J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. Historically, these people were sometimes called “Visiting Research Scholars”. Sometimes we use the word “scholar” in a technical sense related to the language in the Department of State regulations, which may have additional nuances, but, in general, we refer to all visiting international professors or researchers as “J-1 Scholars”.

What is a Host Coordinator?

The SCU Host Coordinator is a role designated by the SCU department, program or school who will support the J-1 International Scholar.  The Host Coordinator is responsible for supporting the academic, professional and personal needs of the J-1 Scholar. The Host Coordinator interfaces extensively with the Global Engagement Office during the J-1 Scholar invitation and pre-arrival process.