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International Travel for Faculty/Staff

Santa Clara University encourages travel outside of the United States for educational experience. However, traveling has risks and the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff is a primary concern when evaluating international travel. Therefore, it is important for all individuals planning to participate in University-sponsored travel to be aware of the University's international travel policy, related procedures, and what is to be expected of all parties involved with the SCU global experience.


What is the University International Travel Policy?

Want to better understand the University's International Travel Policy?

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What is University Sponsored Travel?

What travel is University Sponsored?

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What Are the Program Coordinator's Responsibilities?

Why is the Program Coordinator such a vital person for international programs?

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Faculty/Staff Program Coordinator Resources

How can I effectively lead a Pre-Departure Orientation? Where is that CDC link again?

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Travel Warning

What is a travel warning? Does SCU allow travel to these countries?

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Roles and Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities as a program coordinator?

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Overview of Approval Process

Want to know how your application is going to be evaluated?

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What should I know about Health & Safety abroad?

What are SCU's resources for Health & Safety Abroad?

Our best practices for international travel...

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