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Faculty/Staff Program Coordinator Resources

Faculty/Staff Program Coordinator Resources

For Faculty/Staff Program Coordinators

The safety and security of SCU students, faculty, and staff abroad is of the utmost importance to the University. It is essential that Program Coordinators recognize their responsibilities when preparing for University-sponsored international travel and follow the appropriate procedures before and during programs abroad.

Pre-Departure Orientation

It is the responsibility of the SCU Program Coordinator to to ensure that all participants in international travel are properly oriented prior to their program abroad. To that end, Program Coordinators must hold a pre-departure orientation for faculty/staff/students traveling abroad.  Resources for Pre-Departure Orientation include:

Emergency Contact Information

Program Coordinators must fill out the internal and confidential emergency calling tree and submit it to Campus Safety prior to departure. This form provides Campus Safety with a calling tree in the event of an emergency.

Required Travel Preparation

The SCU Program Coordinator must provide the following information to program participants prior to departure:

In addition, the University requires that all students/faculty/staff register with the US Embassy abroad via the US Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP):

Along with continually monitoring updates from the Department of State, the Program Coordinator should apply as a newsletter subscriber to receive regular updates from the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) newsletter:
Program Coordinators are also encouraged to register for regular updates from ACE Travel Assistance:
The SCU Program Coordinator must disseminate and collect the following from all participants prior to departure:

Other forms: