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Host Process Overview

Overview of Process to Host and International Visitor/Scholar/Researcher at SCU

  1. Host Coordinator submits International Visitor Proposal to the Global Engagement Office at
  2. Request is reviewed for immigration status by International Students and Scholars within three business days
  3. Global Invitation Letter is created by the Global Engagement Office and issued to Scholar via email with cc’s to the Host Coordinator, Department Chair, Dean
  4. For teaching appointments, Deans submit draft appointment letters to the Provost’s Office Personnel Specialist
  5. Scholars submit Scholar's DS-2019 Request and, if relevant, Scholar’s Request for Dependent DS-2019  to with cc to the Host Coordinator
  6. Immigration sponsorship documents are issued by the Global Engagement Office and mailed to the Scholar with cc to the Host Coordinator, Department Chair, Dean.  In the case of academic appointments cc to include Provost’s Office Personnel Specialist and HR Employment Specialist
  7. Host Coordinator and International Students and Scholars team engages with Scholar on pre-arrival preparation
  8. Arrival, on-campus orientation
  9. Program participation
  10. Departure
  11. Evaluations by the visiting international scholar and Host Coordinator, if relevant