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Research and Teaching

Santa Clara University is a community of teacher-scholars and faculty are as likely to pursue research abroad in Poland or Korea as they are in California. 

Every year SCU faculty teach and research abroad through prestigious Fulbright grants and other international fellowships.  Scholars and researchers from our partner universities across the world come to SCU to spend time teaching and researching taking advantage of our resources on campus and in Silicon Valley.  These international scholars are an important part of our academic community, as well.

International Visitors and Scholars at SCU 

SCU hosts international visitors from around the world in departments throughout the University.  Learn how you can be a part of growing our internationally diverse community.

Fulbright for SCU Faculty and Staff

SCU faculty and staff may pursue prestigious Fulbright grants for global teaching and research abroad.  Watch our Fulbright Scholar Connect videos of SCU faculty who have received the grants previously or learn more about how to apply.

Resources for SCU Faculty Teaching and Researching Abroad

SCU faculty can explore funding opportunities and resources related to teaching and researching abroad here: