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Santa Clara University

Roles & Responsibilities Related to J-1 Scholars

What are the SCU Faculty/Staff Host Coordinator Responsibilities?

The Faculty/Staff Host Coordinator's Responsibilities Include: 


  1. The Host Coordinator serves as the single point of contact during the proposal process and is responsible for liaising with others in their department or area to whom they may have delegated responsibility. 
  2. University approval is contingent upon both the immigration status of the individual and approval by the academic department/area in which engagement is proposed.
  3. Approval of international visitors requires engagement from a myriad of departments at SCU and the people who should be involved include:
    • International Students and Scholars (
    • Dean’s Office (if hosted within School/College)
    • Personnel Specialist in the Provost’s Office

The Host Coordinator Will:

  1. Submit the SCU International Visitor Proposal to the Global Engagement Office at by the J-1 Scholar deadlines, prior to requesting an Appointment Letter, if relevant.
  2. Verify details in the Global Visitor Invitation Letter drafted by the Global Engagement Office, secure the signature of the Dean/Head of Department on the Global Visitor Invitation Letters and distribute in keeping with protocols for international visitors.
  3. Provide complete/accurate account string to the Global Engagement Office to enable the University to FedEx immigration documentation (DS-2019) to the Scholar
  4. Arrange for the international visitor’s physical work space on campus
  5. Advise the international visitor to about SCU and the local area
  6. Advise the international visitor on aligning travel dates to coincide with the academic term(s) at SCU
  7. Advise the international visitor on international travel arrangements
  8. Advise the international visitor about housing while at SCU
  9. Assist the international visitor in finding local housing
  10. Assist the international visitor in enrolling his/her children in local school(s), if relevant
  11. Advise the international visitor about US academic culture and expectations
  12. Provide professional and academic opportunities for the international visitor such as:  involving the international visitor in department meetings and events, creating opportunities to present research on campus, etc.
  13. Provide airport welcome for the international visitor or arrange transportation for the international visitor to/from the airport
  14. Arrange for the international visitor to obtain an SCU Access Card, if relevant
  15. Arrange for the international visitor to obtain an SCU email account
  16. Arrange for the international visitor to obtain SCU library access
  17. Serve as the point-person to advisor the international visitor on both personal and professional engagement while at SCU
  18. Proactively notify the International Scholar Program at with any changes to the international visitor’s academic program including arrival/departure dates, change in daily activities or changes to future plans.

Global Engagement Office Responsibilities