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The SCU Study Abroad application process is a two-step process; students complete both an SCU Application to study abroad which is submitted to SCU Study Abroad and also a program specific application which you submit directly to the program provider.  Competition is fierce; meeting program eligibility requirements does not guarantee a nomination. No more than 30 students per study abroad program will be nominated. Students may only apply to one program per application deadline. Read about eligibility and the complete application process.

STEP 1: Apply to SCU Study Abroad

Application Links & Deadlines

The links below will take you to the SCU Study Abroad Portal where you can search for programs. Once a program page is opened you will find a button on the right pane to apply.

SCU Study Abroad Fall 2019 / Winter & Spring 2020

Deadline: December 15, 2018

Washington, DC: Fall Semester 2019 & Spring Semester 2020

Deadline: December 15, 2018

SCU Summer 2019

Deadline: January 15, 2019

Some students, while using the Safari browser, have reported issues in trying to save/submit their applications.  We recommend you fill out and submit your application using another browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE).

STEP 2: Confirm Your Nomination & Apply to Your Specific Program


Nominated applicants must verify their intent to study abroad by clicking the commit button in the Commitment to Participate box in their study abroad application portal by the stated deadline. After this deadline, if a student has not committed it will be treated as a decline to commit, and the student will be withdrawn from their SCU Study Abroad program.  The Study Abroad Office will then work to move students off of our waitlist. Applicants should review the information about the Two-Step Application Process.


If your program specific application requires that you submit an official transcript, it is your responsibility to obtain the transcript and send it to your study abroad program provider.  You need to request your official transcript from the SCU Office of the Registrar.

Home School Authorization/Participation Form

All the program partners require students to get the approval of their home university. Many partners have this form online, usually, SCU Study Abroad can log into the program provider portal to give their approval electronically. if asked for a staff member of SCU Study Abroad, list Sara Branley (  Some partners have paper forms (IES, SFS, Syracuse, Antioch, etc.)  Please fill in the top-half (or student information part), and leave with our Front Desk Global Student Assistant.  Check with your program partner to see what they require.  If you have questions about this form, please contact us.

STEP 3: Begin Preparing for Study Abroad

Declare an International Minor

Consider complementing your major with an International Minor. You can choose between International Studies or International Business.

Saron Goitom image

Diversity Perspective

Saron Goitom

"Hector, one of my praxis site coordinators said something that I will never forget. He said, 'You all were willing to live and learn about the history of El Salvador and I have faith that the mutual love we have experienced here will be transferred to your communities at school and at home.' Their words and the incredible meaning behind their gifts touched me."