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Santa Clara University

Pre-Departure Orientation

Santa Clara provides a mandatory orientation for all students studying off-campus. There are two components to Pre-Departure Orientation:

  1. Online modules in the SCU Study Abroad Portal 
  2. A live virtual session with SCU Study Abroad over ZOOM

The pre-departure modules and live session will cover the following topics:

*Failure to complete SCU’s Pre-Departure Orientation will result in withdrawal from study abroad*

Attendance is mandatory, and absences are excused for class conflicts only. Students who anticipate they will not be able to attend the live session should email as soon as possible. Students who are unable to attend the live session will be required to make up this portion of the Pre-Departure Orientation by watching the recording.

Pre-Departure Student Handbook

Pre-Departure Handbook for Students

Download Now or Complete Worbook Excercises Digitally

(SCU login credentials required for access)

Program-Specific Orientation

Your program provider or host institution will likely have a mandatory orientation as well. This orientation is in addition to SCU's mandatory pre-departure orientation. Your program provider or host institution orientation may be online, or it may be on-site when you arrive in the country.

This is a great opportunity to ensure that you understand grading policies, housing rules, and to connect with other program participants.

Be sure to adhere any attendance policies set by the program.