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Course Information

The curriculum of the Casa de la Solidaridad is designed for most undergraduate majors, enabling you to meet your graduation requirements with academic credit granted through Santa Clara University or your home institution. Your classes will deal with issues related to Latin America and will be taught by professors who are experts in their fields.

The learning style is integrated and interdisciplinary and examines the social, political, and economic reality of the people of El Salvador. The academic curriculum incorporates traditional classroom activities, participative research, and interaction with the local community. You select a total of five courses for the semester program, and two courses for the summer program. During the semester program, all students are required to be enrolled in the appropriate section of Spanish (either 100 or 110).  Students who are fluent in Spanish and pass a proficiency test can opt to take a different class in lieu of the Spanish language class. All students are required to take the Field Placement/Praxis course.

Credit is issued through Santa Clara University. Since SCU is on the quarter system, each class is 5 quarter units. Students take five classes during a semester with the Casa de la Solidaridad, for a total of 25 quarter units. The summer program is worth 10 units.

Course Offerings


Manuel Fernando Velasco  INTL 130: Salvadoran Literature (82k PDF)
Knut Walter INTL 131: The Sociology of Development in El Salvador (81k PDF)
Gene Palumbo  INTL 132: Perspectives on El Salvador's Civil War (121k PDF)
Kevin Yonkers-Talz INTL 139: Praxis Seminar (80k PDF)
Cruz Portal SPAN 110: Advanced Spanish Conversation (89k PDF)
Peggy O'Neill, SC, EdD RELS 120: Latin American Theology (151k PDF)
Pedro Martin POLI 136A: Political Structures and Processes in El Salvador and Central America
Virginia Rodriguez PHSC 170: Health Care and Public Health in El Salvador (130k PDF)
Marina Najarro SPAN 100: Advanced Spanish I (106k PDF)

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