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  • Marina Najarro

    Spanish Professor

    She has been teaching, English and Spanish, for almost 30 years.

  • Eugene Palumbo

    History Professor

    He is the N.Y. Times’ local correspondent, and has also reported for National Public Radio, the BBC, Time Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, Commonweal Magazine and the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

  • Cruz Portal

    Spanish Professor

    He received a diploma in teaching in 1987 from a private university in San Salvador and three years later he received a bachelor degree in education from Pedagogical University of El Salvador.

  • Peggy O'Neill

    Theology Professor

    She went to EI Salvador during the country's brutal civil war to accompany a refugee community from Copapayo back to their homeland from a United Nations camp in Honduras.

  • Kevin Yonkers-Talz

    Praxis Seminar Professor

    Kevin is co-founder and co-director of Casa de la Solidaridad and has taught the Praxis Seminar for the last 14 years.

  • Manuel Velasco

    Salvadoran Literature Professor

    He has been part of the faculty at the UCA for more than a decade teaching classes such as writing, grammar, journalism, narrative, and oratory.

  • Pedro Martin

    Political Science Professor

    A former Jesuit of the Central American Province, Pedro Martin began studying philosophy at UCA.