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Meet the Faculty

Eugene Palumbo

History Professor

Gene Palumbo is a freelance journalist. After graduating from Amherst College, he went to Iraq to teach and coach at Baghdad College. When he returned to the United States, he did graduate work in philosophy and theology at Fordham University, receiving a Masters degree. A conscientious objector during the war in Vietnam, he did his alternative service in New York City at Central Harlem Family and Community Services, and then, in the 70s, worked as a journalist and at Mobilization for Youth Legal Services, a branch of the federal anti-poverty program.

In 1979 Gene covered the landmark three-week meeting of CELAM (the Latin American Bishops Conference) in Puebla, Mexico; there he met Archbishop Oscar Romero. He came to El Salvador in 1980 to cover the civil war, and has stayed on. He is the N.Y. Times’ local correspondent, and has also reported for National Public Radio, the BBC, Time Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, Commonweal Magazine and the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

Gene’s wife, Guadalupe Montalvo, is the cook, counselor and mother-away-from-home for the students who live at Casa Silvia.