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  • Cole Daily

    Father of Mallory Daily (Spring '13)

    If our daughter's experience is anything like that of others, it can be said that Trena, Kevin and their group have designed a program that will confront a student's beliefs system and help expand their realm of understanding in a world that is ever changing and also known to be extremely challenging.

  • Christa Dillabaugh

    Mother of Jake Dillabaugh (Fall '12)

    What we experienced was more, so much more, than we ever imagined. We feel so privileged to have had the chance to experience just a few days of Jake's Casa life. The Casa program is profound and life changing.

  • Thomas W. Trotter

    Father of Maren Trotter (Fall '12)

    My trip to El Salvador to visit my daughter during her studies abroad was by far the best week the -2- of us spent together in many years. My few days of immersion into her Casa program were fantastic!

  • Maybeth Terashima

    Mother of Caitlin Terashima (Fall '12)

    I was enchanted by my visit to El Salvador through the parent stay program with Casa de la Solidard though I do have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive before I arrived. Not only do I not speak Spanish but I hadn't heard very good things about El Salvador. My reasoning for allowing my daughter to study abroad with this program was entirely based on the excellent reputation of the program.

  • Denny Donovan

    Mother of Megan Donovan (Spring '13)

    The leaders Trena and Kevin Yonkers-Talz had put together a lot of information on the website, and they appeared to be passionate about the success of the program and the experience they wanted to provide to the students who chose the program. The fact that they have lived in San Salvador for 13 years with their own 4 children to run this program really impressed me.