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FUNDESO / San Bartolo

Fundacion de Desarollo Social, located within walking distance of the student houses, is a local, non-governmental organization that provides a variety of services with a focus on medical care, community outreach and education to about 350 people every day. The foundation’s  health care projects include a medical clinic, pharmacy and dental office. Most clinics in El Salvador only provide primary care; patients who need to see a specialist must travel to public hospitals, where the waiting list extends for months.  At FUNDESO, on the other hand, patients have access to specialists in many areas (e.g. physical therapy, gynecology, optometry), and at affordable prices.  With access to specialists, patients receive valuable and necessary care at an affordable price. With funds from German donors based in El Salvador, general consultations cost about $4.50. Medicine in the pharmacy is about half the price of other private pharmacies.

Role of Casa Student: Students experience and analyze the realities of the health care field through accompaniment of this private clinic in the areas of nursing, physical therapy, and social work. Students also visit San Miguel Tepezontes, participating in the program ‘Creciendo con Amor’. Students also offer English classes to a small group of health care workers in the clinic, and a small group of women in the clinic’s cafeteria.