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La Javia, Tepecoyo

Tepecoyo is a rural community located about 1 hour from San Salvador in the department of La Libertad. Tepecoyo residents have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of coffee, brick making, and the production of milk products such as cheese. However, with the fall in coffee prices, many landowners are no longer producing coffee, leaving most people in the area without work or sufficient income. As a result, many families have been forced to look for work in the city in order to meet basic needs for their families. La Javia is a rural village just outside of Tepecoyo.

In response to the high levels of malnutrition among children in the community, Angelica, the site coordinator, created a small community kitchen program in her home that serves about 28 children. Mothers with children in the program take turns preparing and serving food for their kids. In addition, computer and English classes are offered. Each class, children receive a healthy snack to address the issue of malnutrition.

Role of Casa Student: Students spend most of their time in the house where the community kitchen is run, building relationships with the families who live there as well as the families and children who come for meals. Students plan simple English classes for the children of the community and accompany the mothers with the preparation and distribution of food in the community kitchen. Students also have opportunity to get to know members of the larger community through visiting homes of community members located in the hills of La Javia.